Wednesday, September 15, 2010


01 Miles Davis - So what
02 John Coltrane - Tanganyika strut
03 The Dave Brubeck quartet - Take five
04 Milt Jackson Quintet - Bag's groove
05 Bajka - The only religion that I beleive
06 Irene Kral - Going to California
07 Booby Cole - Perfect day
08 Mark Murphy - Why don't you do right
09 Bryony James - Feeling good
10 Lorez Alexandra - I'm wishin'
11 Elaine Delmar - Sneakin' up on you
12 The five corners quintet feat Okou - Blue Cycles
13 Al Jarreau - My favorite things
14 Eddie Jefferson - Psychedelic Sally
15 Mario Biondi - A child runs free
16 The five corners quintet feat Mark Murphy - Before we say goodbye
17 Mario Biondi - This is what you are
18 The five corners quintet - Straight up
19 Kitty Winter - Mato Pato
20 Marcos Valle - Mem Paleto Mem Gravata
21 To be - Glucklich
22 John Thomas - Like a Samba

Feel like

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