Monday, April 27, 2009


1- Dusty Springfield: Am i the same girl
2- Soul brothers Six: Let me get next to you
3- Sweet Charles Sherell: yes it's you
4-Lavel Moore: The world is changing
5- Bobby Patterson: Recipe for peace
6- The Turner Brothers: Let's go fishing
7- The Trinikas: Remember me
8- Darando: Didn't I
9- The Daytonians: Let Jesus work it out
10-5 Mighty Lovers: Ain't gonna run no more
11- The Sylvers: We can make it if we try
12- The Lovelites: Oh my love
13- John Edwards: Tin man
14- Phyllis Hymans: Can't live without you
15- Messengers Incorporated: 24 hours a day
16- Honey and the Bees: (i want you to) make love to me
17- Ruby Andrews: Just loving you
18- Willie & the Mighty Magnificents: Take my love
19- Gloria Scott: That's what you say
20- The Natural Four: Why should we stop now?


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