Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Gaston lp "My queen"

Hotlanta records 1978.

Ahh!!! i love this record!!! All start with this strange "esoteric" cover??? Personally, i was so exiting and surprising when i have seen for the first time this lp, i wonder wich kind of music is possible behind this cover, is it psychedelic, progressive rock or experimental??? But not! this is funky, jazzy, soul, weird, black, deep...
This little gem is the first lp from this obscure creative and trully cosmic black combo pretilly called "Gaston", this band was based in the Atlanta area, their sound is unsual, they are definitely influenced by the P-funk, but maybe more by the Mizell Brothers sound, they use a large selection of Mizell's favorite instruments like the arp string ensemble, the moog synth, the flute, the Q Tron electro Harmonix bass effect but also the latin percussions, fuzz guitar... The lead and background vocals are just irresistibles, sometimes deep, sometimes freak, always in the right tune...
One of my favorite track is the killer "Clap song", a long and hypnotic instrumental disco jam session, a real dancefloor winner!!! But this lp is consistant from start to finish, if you like atypic music, it's for you!!
Oh, i have to speak about the sound quality too, it's just incredible for a little independent release, the bass and the beat are fat, the trebbles and mediums are clear, the mix is not over compressed, a top production for an excellent band!!!

Track listing:

Side A

Magnificent choo choo
Fantasy Garden
Clock in
My dreams

Side B

My queen
Clap song
Love and affection


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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Boo and the Tru-Tones - Show the world 1974

Great record from Trinidad, West Indies, their music is influenced by different black music movements like soul, funk, reggae with, off course, the light and fresh carribean touch.
Just listen and enjoy...

Boo and the tru tones.rar

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